The fast and smart controller for your SONOS devices. You can browse your music library and play track or radio on any zones. You can manage grouping zones, queue, and playlists, and fully control the playback.

Written with QML/C++ for maximal performance

Sources code is hosted by github in repository noson-app.

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Usage (Linux,BSD)

  • --cli

    It launches the CLI tool for DIYers: Type 'help' to show all available commands.
  • --zone={Name of zone}

    It will connect the specified zone at GUI startup.
  • --playurl={Stream URL}

    It will play the stream at GUI startup.
  • --debug

    Enable debug output.
  • --deviceurl=http://{IP address of device}:1400

    Connect to the given URL bypassing the SSDP discovery. The port can be 1400 or 3400 depending of your device.

Release notes

  • Release 5.2.0

    Restore cover and metadata of current playing on wide aspect view.
    Allow to seek next in a flow.
    Fix MPRIS actions.
    Use global design for all sections, including "This Device", "Playlists", "My Index".
    Introduce the global search in "My Index" by Artist, Composer, Album, Genre, or title.
  • Release 5.0.0

    Refactoring the music index page.
    Fix pulseaudio issues.
  • Release 4.5.0

    Create dedicated ports for Qt 5.15 (controls2_515) and Qt 5.12 (controls_509). The project select the right port depending of installed Qt framework.
  • Release 4.4.1

    New setting to configure an additional music location other than the standard XDG.
  • Release 4.0.1

    Handles events for all players of the zone at startup.
    It allows playing/stopping playback without having to change the player, and it displays all the states.
    Major design improvements.
  • Release 3.16.0

    Supports the MPRIS2 interface.
    Fix missing search categories for the services without presentation map (Spotify API).
    Allow to bypass the SSDP discovery by passing the url of a SONOS device (see the command line argument --deviceurl).
  • Release 3.15.2

    Enable loudness switch.
    Fix registration issue with services don't handle token refreshing (PocketCasts).
    Fix for british users using Spotify (Locale en-GB isn't supported by the latest Spotify API).
  • Release 3.14.5

    Add support to stream OGG audio files.
    Fix the language string passed to services (The issue occured with Spotify).
  • Release 3.13.0

    Fetch thumbnails from DEEZER by default. The LastFM client remains available by filling in the API key from the settings dialog.
  • Release 3.11.0

    You can stream your local audio files. Supported formats are FLAC, MP3 and AAC.
    Noson extracts Vorbis-comments and ID3 tags including artworks and shares them with your Sonos devices for the best user experience.
  • Release 3.10.4

    You can stream output of a Linux/BSD desktop to Sonos. (Requires PulseAudio)
    It shows the current stream content or radio show.
  • Release 3.9.3

    New sound settings screen.
    Allow malformed xml from service providers.
    Fix SNI issue with OpenSSL.
  • Release 3.8.0

    Include a thumbnailer to download artist/album arts from To enable this functionality you have to setup your API key supplied by
    Refactor the fallback cover.
  • Release 3.7.4

    Fix registration issue for some third part services: 'Amazon Music' and more.
    Improve command output.
  • Release 3.7.0

    Fast startup: No more loading the full music index at startup.
    The new space 'My Music' allows to browse the music index.
    Adds a new folder to browse music by composer.
    Improvements for mobile devices.
  • Release 3.6.5

    Improve touching areas for phone device.
    Build Android (Native API level 16).
  • Release 3.6.4

    Add german translations from transifex.
  • Release 3.6.3

    Display share indexing in progress.
    Fix remaining time of sleeptimer not refreshed.
    Fix search state not cleaned.
  • Release 3.6.0

    Add support to manage alarm clock.
    Add new command CLI 'SHOWAC', 'CREATEAC', 'UPDATEAC', 'DESTROYAC'.
  • Release 3.5.0

    Add support for enabling/disabling night mode.
  • Release 3.4.3

    Add new command CLI 'STATUS', 'SLEEPTIMER'.
    Fix crash caused by the command CLI 'PLAYURL'.
    Fix bug occurring with QtQuick 5.11.
    Fix CMake build with Qt 5.11.
  • Release 3.4.1

    It includes a CLI tool available with the command noson-app --cli.
    Restart automatically the application when the setting style or scale has been changed.
  • Release 3.4.0

    The command line argument --zone={Name of zone} will connect the zone on startup.
    The command line argument --playurl={Stream URL} will play the stream on startup.
    A setting Theme is added to switch the theme of colors: Light or Dark or System default. It is available only for the styles Material and Universal.
  • Release 3.3.8

    Bug fixing.