PVR.MythTV add-on Manual

The add-on supports MythTV Backend version from 0.27 up to 34. It inter-operates with the REST API and the protocol provided by MythTV backend. Allows streaming of Live TV & Recordings, listening to Radio channels, EPG and Timers.

Backend settings

To use it first you have to enable the API services of your backend and check network configuration by running mythtv-setup. [1]

  • Set the security pin to enable the API services, i.e "0000"

  • Set the IPv6 address of the backend as "::1" if you haven't IP6 network infrastructure, which is mostly the case.

    Any IPv6 addresses as "fe80::..." are not usable. Only if you have valid IP6 network infrastructure you could set address assigned to your backend. Otherwise add-on will not connect properly.

Note: Unlike what you hear on the web, the use of mythfrontend is not necessary to configure the backend for DVR use. So all you need is mythtv-setup to manage your card inputs, channels scan, storages and grabbers for guide and metadata.

PVR add-on settings

Go to configure "General" settings of the add-on

  • Set the IP address of your MASTER backend. Slave backends will be used according to the logic implemented in the MASTER.

  • Set the protocol port of the backend. Default is "6543".

  • Set the API port of the backend. Default is "6544".

  • Set the security pin previously configured in the backend setup.

  • Optionally set the ethernet address of the backend server to enable WOL.

Go to configure "Advanced" settings of the add-on

  • Adjust the tuning delay for LiveTV according to your receivers. 5 seconds should be large enougth for modern DVB-T/C receivers and a good signal. Using a rotating dish antenna need longer delay.

  • By default limit channel tuning attempts for LiveTV. In a special configuration, you may want to disable it to force the add-on to try all available receivers one by one until the channel is successfully tuned.

You can check for any issue in section Troubleshooting.


All visible Channels and their icons are transfered from the backend on startup.

A specific action exists to trigger channels update from the context menu of channel.

  • Channel list is loaded once at each Kodi startup. You can manually trigger a refreshing without restart Kodi by launching the action "Trigger channel update".

Live TV

Live TV provides same feature as the MythTV frontend. You can rewind or forward in the chained shows until next channel switch. Also past live shows can be replay from the recording group "LiveTV".


The add-on allows you to manage all the saved and even recently deleted recordings. A title in "yellow" color highlights a damaged record. You can also see the current status in MythTV for a recording by the action "Show status of recording". It will show you the flags and the audio / video properties set in the backend, even the real filename and storage group.

By default the add-on will group recordings by title or series as possible. This behavior can be customized in the add-on settings section Preferences.

The add-on supplies the following specific actions:

  • "Delete and re-record" does the same as frontend.
  • "Keep recording" does the same as frontend.

Electronic Programs Guide


Timers & recording rules


Advanced settings



Live TV not showing, but I'm pretty sure that it was working according to Kodi. At least the EPG was loading at startup, and the add-on was enabled.

Regular issue is none of channels have been retrieved due a data corruption. The add-on had choked on a channel with an invalid character in the name or call sign. Editing the channel name or call sign in the MythTV backend will fix the issue.